Lighting solutions for cities and municipalities

Awarding our products is a clear plus when choosing LED lighting for municipalities, cities, parks, quiet zones, squares or pedestrian zones. We bring light and modern technology to locations.

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Solutions for public communications

Lighting levels including all light parameters are strictly given by ČSN standard. Combinations of different optical and performance parameters are often required to achieve standard performance. The MARUT range offers the largest parameter variations. The TEKO luminaire range is a choice for customers who require a flat surface on the top of the luminaire.

Transition solutions

Crossings are a risky part of the road network, where increased attention is required from pedestrians and drivers. Transition lighting has precise rules, including recommendations for adaptive lighting both before and after the transition. Transition luminaires should be designed with a higher colour temperature than the others on the rest of the road. The MARUT Z luminaire range is available in a left or right version and with a maximum colour temperature of 5,000 K.

Solutions for square and pedestrian zones

Square and pedestrian zones have their typical dimensions and are always a challenge for optimal design. Light pollution on the facades of residential buildings is often the biggest obstacle in lighting system designs. The award-winning HASSTA luminaire, which is characterised by a large modification of the radiation characteristics, is a suitable combination for achieving the requirements. The TEKO Rope luminaire range offers special solutions for cableway installations.

Solutions for residential areas

Modern neighbourhoods have modern requirements. The design and price of the luminaire are not the only lighting system evaluation elements. The award-winning HASSTA luminaire in PC AMBER design can also meet pressure for a lower proportion of blue in the spectral colour distribution. That's why all our public lighting fixtures are available from 1,800 to 5,000 K.

Solutions for railways

Luminaires designed for this type of project must comply with the specified rail lighting requirements and must also be approved for use on railways.

Underpass solutions

The IK 10 high mechanical resistance is an essential element regarding luminaires designed for underpass lighting. A suitable material for covering the optical part is tempered toughened glass, which fulfils the required mechanical resistance and, furthermore, is easy to maintain with concern to contamination. A proven variant for corner installation is the DURGA product series.

Solution for facades

Selected luminaires for facade illumination must mainly meet the suitable optical parameters. Poor facade lighting is often the source of unwanted light smog, so it’s always necessary to start from a quality lighting design. The design of facade lighting with the NITYA range of reflectors offers the required accentuation of the architectural element or advertising banner.

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Consultancy, cost analysis, financial support, technical project studies, lighting system metrics, engineering, installation, inspection.

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Analysis of costs, efficiency of lighting systems and energy savings.


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Computer programming regarding intelligent lighting.


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Engineering, technical project studies.

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Technical calculations, lighting measurements, lighting systems measurements.


Revisions, designs and projects of new lighting systems and intelligent lighting.

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