Lighting solutions for industry and commercial premises

Our luminaires product series are suitable for light applications in small parts to heavy engineering manufacturers, from food production to assembly and inspection of precision design products.

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Warehouse solutions

Typical warehouse space elements are racking systems that require a luminaire’s with narrow luminous characteristics, as well as open areas requiring diffuse lighting. The MENAKA rail system is suitable for the given areas due to its optical variability and high efficiency of light sources. The standard IP 20 design is sufficient for most projects, in areas with higher requirements for luminaire protection the MENAKA IP 54 variant is available. The same technology can be used in separate luminaires of the MENAKSI series.

Production hall solutions

A demanding environment in terms of dust and ambient temperatures requires a qualitatively durable system in parallel with optimal illumination of work areas. Industrial lighting is always the most energy intensive, so it’s advisable to consider implementing control and automation elements. Optimum light comfort in the workplace can be achieved by the SURYA luminaire, which is characterised by surface lighting, complemented by a rugged reflector.

Solutions for lighting areas and outdoor areas

Manufacturing company premises are often used as car parks or extended storage areas. The lighting design should take the area’s parameters into account according to the activity carried out so as to create sufficient working conditions in terms of process safety and quality. Luminaires must meet the requirements for thermal, mechanical and weather resistance. As a facade illumination it’s possible to use the NITYA reflector series, or use the MARUT series designed for mounting on a pole or bracket.

Disinfection radiators

The use of UVC radiation is one of the most effective methods to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The GERMIN product line offers a wide Range of uses OF this technology. Germin MOBILE can be one of the methods of completely disinfecting locker rooms, offices, rooms and other areas.

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Computer programming regarding intelligent lighting.


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Engineering, technical project studies.

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Revisions, designs and projects of new lighting systems and intelligent lighting.

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