Lighting solutions for sports grounds

Proper illumination in sports grounds affects the performance and health of athletes during the match as well as viewing experience of the fans. Our lighting fixtures are resistant to damage from the game and allow an optimal experience to organise any match.

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Ice rink solutions

Ice rinks are demanding lighting environments mainly in terms of ambient temperatures and humidity. For other rooms it’s also recommended to illuminate with a higher colour temperature 5,500–6,500 K and a higher colour rendering index RA > 90. A range of GURU luminaires using long-life chips with low drop in luminous flux can be an option.

Multifunctional sports hall solutions

A universal hall used for sports and cultural events requires equally flexible lighting. The variety of activities offered is predestined for the use of regulatory elements for the system’s correct operation according to the activities performed. The surface lighting of the SURYA G luminaire with protective grille offers comfortable lighting and protection from a flying ball.

Tennis court solutions

Racquet sports are activities whereby athletes often gaze in the direction of the ceiling. Any distracting light placed above the athlete's head is inappropriate and dazzling. The asymmetrical solution in the form of the SAVITA luminaire series is a suitable alternative that offers even illumination from the sports hall walls. The suitability of use is also verified by the ball impact resistance certificate.

Solutions for outdoor multi-functional sports grounds

Outdoor sports ground operation can be prolonged by a quality lighting system. The choice of luminaires should always take the possibility of placing the light points into account and propose an optimal optical system accordingly. The adjustable bracket on the NITYA luminaire range allows the beam to be adjusted according to the project needs.

Disinfection radiators

The use of UVC radiation is one of the most effective methods to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The GERMIN product line offers a wide Range of uses OF this technology. Germin MOBILE can be one of the methods of completely disinfecting locker rooms, offices, rooms and other areas.

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