Office space lighting solutions

Administrative lighting has a significant impact on productivity and work hygiene. We are experts in office lighting design and installation.

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Corridor solutions

The corridor system’s standard design in combination with the presence sensor enables continuous regulation of lighting according to the movement of people. By using RAVI line luminaires, we can also achieve an optical change of the building’s shape or determine the direction of communication.

Staircase solutions

The WALL series of wall-mounted luminaires is a typical choice for staircase lighting. When installing sensors, it’s advisable to use the corridor function to continuously reduce the light level to avoid risk of injury.

Meeting room solutions

The choice of luminaire for presentation and conference rooms is often influenced by the architect. It should always complement the character and appearance of the room. A wide range of aluminium profiles from full circular luminaires FULL MOON to ring-shaped luminaires RONDA ensures sufficient choice for your solution. The MANU line and WOODOO circular luminaires offer a solid wood body.

Office solutions

Office lighting should always meet high lighting and glare requirements for the worker's well-being. The use of prismatic diffusers labelled DMPP ensures low UGR. A typical HAMSA cassette luminaire with a specific output of up to 150 lm/W offers high illumination quality and low energy consumption.

Disinfection radiators

The use of UVC radiation is one of the most effective methods to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The GERMIN product line offers a wide Range of uses OF this technology. Germin MOBILE can be one of the methods of completely disinfecting locker rooms, offices, rooms and other areas.

We offer comprehensive implementation
according to your requirements

Consultancy, cost analysis, financial support, technical project studies, lighting system metrics, engineering, installation, inspection.

Thorough analyses development

Analysis of costs, efficiency of lighting systems and energy savings.


Ensuring financing for lighting systems reconstruction.


Ensuring lighting systems and wiring installation.

PC programming

Computer programming regarding intelligent lighting.


Energy saving and lighting professional consultancy.

Engineering work

Engineering, technical project studies.

Technical calculations

Technical calculations, lighting measurements, lighting systems measurements.


Revisions, designs and projects of new lighting systems and intelligent lighting.

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