Multifunctional SMART column

From information elements to rest,
to charging…


Main light to create a night-time safe zone

Indication field showing active elements

Information panel with Trackball controller

Rubber stand to protect the wheel from damage

Odpočinková zóna s přípojkou USB

Multifunkční sloup
Multifunkční sloup

What is a multifunctional column
for municipalities and cities?

A multifunctional column is a design-processed device,
which is equipped with a number of communication elements
in its individual designs. The base is a multifunctional
column usable as an information element for municipalities,
bike paths, park equipment and recreation areas.

What a multifunctional column can do

The multifunctional column contains a full-fledged park light with a steering actuator. Visible signalling elements in the column
body can show the current status of individual systems using colour indication. Standard features such as charging e-bikes
and cars can be supplemented with a Wi-Fi access point, environmental sensors or a display.


Multifunction information display

The display offers support for column control and the ability to add information for users in the area. For example, it can be bike paths or a list of tourist locations in the area. The display, like other elements, is an optional part of the column and the functionality itself doesn't depend on it.


(Electric) bicycle stand

The lapidary circular stand is made from a unique profile made of two materials – the inside is load-bearing galvanised steel, the outer shell is made of durable rubber. The ring is inserted into a finely shaped holder made from aluminium alloy. The stand is firm to allow it to support your bike, but it's soft so it doesn't damage it.


A smart relaxation zone for your comfort

A park bench with a wooden element in a solid steel structure is suitable for public space. The option with a USB connector offers the possibility of the cyclists recharging their own “batteries” as well as the batteries on their electrical devices. Two-colour painting of steel bases, is a speciality offered in six colour combinations. In the evening, the decorative LED backlight also stands out and, in combination with the main light, creates a safe zone.


Smart City

The multifunctional column is a fully automatic device that simply connects to the mains for start-up. However, it can offer much more. By integrating into superior Smart City systems, it can provide current data from individual sensors, monitor the charging station's current and average consumption or fully control individual elements.